Political Tag Clouds

October 16, 2008

George W. Bush’s Weekly Radio Address (October 11, 2008)

Transcript of address taken from here. Compare against the last two Bush radio addresses here. Zeitgeist report: “package” is out, “market” is in. “Taxpayers” is out, “Americans” is in. “Financial” is big in the cloud for three weeks and counting.

Process notes: Word gloud generated via Wordle.net. “United States” is now “UnitedStates,” “Federal Reserve” and “Fed” are now both “FederalReserve,” “$” is now “USD,” all organizations (“World Bank,” “Securities and Exchange Commission,” etc.) are treated as compound words (“SecuritiesandExchangeCommission,” etc), “American” commonly joined with its noun (so “American” when used for “American people” is separate from “American” when used for “American businesses”). Final cloud is 99 words, and not all process changes influenced the final cloud.


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