Political Tag Clouds

October 16, 2008

All participants at Third McCain-Obama Presidential Debate (October 15, 2008)

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Tag clouds of all participants at third debate, including moderator. Transcript taken from here: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2008/10/debate-transcri.html

Process notes: Tag cloud generated via wordle.net. Some words were combined into phrases for improved frequency analysis. Full list is as follows: “Senator McCain” combined as “SenatorMcCain,” “Senator Obama” combined as “SenatorObama,” “Wall Street” combined as “WallStreet,” “Joe Biden” and “Joe” (when referencing Biden) combined as “JoeBiden,” “Great Depression” combined as “GreatDepression,” “middle class” / “middle-class” / “middle-income” all combined as “middleclass,” “Joe Wurzelbacher” / “Joe the Plumber” / “Joe” (except when referencing Biden) all combined as “Joe-the-Plumber,” “$” / “dollar” both combined with “dollars,” “Bill Ayers” and “Mr. Ayers” both combined as “BillAyers,” “Supreme Court” combined as “SupremeCourt,” “tax” combined with “taxes,” “small business” / “small businesses” both combined as “smallbusiness,” “Roe v. Wade” / “Roe versus Wade” both combined as “Roe-v-Wade,” “President Bush” / “Bush” both combined as “PresidentBush,” “last eight years” combined as “last8years,” “White House” combined as “WhiteHouse,” “Democrat” combined with “Democrats,” “Republican” combined with “Republicans,” “Middle Eastern” / “Middle East” both combined as “MiddleEast,” “short-term” combined as “shortterm,” “long-term” combined as “longterm,” “Freddie Mac” combined as “FreddieMac,” “Fannie Mae” combined as “FannieMae,” “D.C.” combined as “DC,” both “United States” and “U.S.” combined as “UnitedStates,” “Time’s up” combined as “Time’sUp,” “No Child Left Behind” combined as “NoChildLeftBehind,” “New Orleans” combined as “NewOrleans,” “health care” combined as “healthcare.” Not all phrases modified in this fashion are reflected in the final 99-word cloud(s), and not all phrases were used by both candidates.


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