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October 1, 2008

John McCain’s Acceptance Speech at RNC (September 4, 2008)

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Source: http://portal.gopconvention2008.com/speech/details.aspx?id=84

Process notes: word cloud generated by Wordle.net. Combinations and other edits: United States changed to UnitedStates, Senator Obama changed to SenatorObama, teacher changed to teachers, health care changed to healthcare, White House changed to WhiteHouse, Pearl Harbor changed to PearlHarbor, vice president changed to VicePresident, child changed to children, Governor Sarah Palin / Governor Palin changed to GovernorPalin, tax / taxation changed to taxes, Americans changed to American, family changed to families, $ or dollar changed to USD, opportunities changed to opportunity, school changed to schools .

Some of these changes are not reflected in the finished cloud as the counts remained too low.

A space was added before each (NOUN)’s to ensure that possessives were not listed differently than the nouns that possess.

Note that we did not combine words relating to work, although their counts were high (work -15 instances, worked – 3 instances, workers – 6 instances, workforce – 1 instance, working – 2 instances, and works – 6 instances).


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